Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Thanks for replying to my question regarding topics for DRT webinars.

I have a good list to work from now, including topics such as:

  • A guide to Fairbot
  • Simplifying the process.  DRT can overwhelm. Beginners can over-trade out of enthusiasm. There are strategies you can use to simplify the learning and trading process.
  • Managing losing trades. In this webinar I will have to get a losing trade in order to show you. This topic is best tackled within a weekend live webinar. It is difficult to discuss in isolation, as ready examples are required.
  • Going through all of the strategies. A more detailed look at each strategy, from red cards, to Desmonds, to goals in the second half.
  • Delaying. How long to delay? When to get in early?

That is enough to keep me busy. Last night I did a webinar on in-play stats. This webinar will be uploaded to and has some great free resources for you to use.

There is a list of those free in-play resources at the above site, so please take a look there. My favourite?, closely followed by Yes, the mobile site Bet365 is surprisingly clean and effective for in-play stats.

Do look out for more webinars next week. There will be the usual live chat webinars this weekend and, fear not, the microphone will work… guaranteed!

The Premier League returns this week! (Hooray!)

See you then!